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Cleaning Dirty Roofs Minimizes Potential Damage to Your Southwest Florida Property

Not many people realize that a dirty roof slowly causes roof damage that can result in costly repairs. That’s why we’re here to help.

Despite most shingle and tile roofs having an algae warranty, Florida homeowners need to be on the lookout because of the state’s humid warm climate and tree coverage. This is the ideal breeding ground for algae growth, increasing the likelihood of algae damage. There are plenty of homeowners who have never had a roof cleaning here in Florida. They call us for a roof repair and we often find that the damage actually came from algae growth, leaves and twigs being stuck under shingles, and shingle deterioration caused by an unkept roof.

Roof Revolution has the best roof cleaning system which allows us to perform this vital preventative maintenance on your property. Some roofing companies use a bleach based formula to clean your roof. This causes shingle deterioration, grass and plants around the home to wither, and pets to get sick. We perform bleach-free roof cleaning to stop any of this from happening.

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  • 20 Years of Residential Roof Cleaning Experience
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Roof Revolution provides the most effective roof cleaning for residential roofs in Southwest Florida

Safe Cleaning

At Roof Revolution, we use the safest thorough roof cleaning systems to clean and effectively protect your roof from damage. We don’t use pressure washers or bleach because they cause damage due to the high pressure water and toxicity of the bleach. By avoiding these unsafe roof cleaning methods, we prevent the premature shortening of the roof’s life expectancy.

Best of all, our products are pet safe and plant safe to prevent harm to your lawn, gardens, and furry friends. 

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If you need roofing repairs, replacement, or are interested in upgrading your home’s existing roof in favor of a sturdier, more efficient option, turn to Roof Revolution. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we are able to quickly and efficiently handle just about any residential roofing service in Naples, FL or the nearby areas. We offer competitive pricing and 24/7 emergency services for roofing repairs that just can’t wait.

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